51. What came first- chicken or egg?

Just One Question Once a scholar came to Akbar’s Court and challenged Birbal to answer his question. He wanted to test Birbal’s wits, whether he was really like that as he heard about him. Birbal accepted the challenge. Then the scholar asked Birbal, “Whether you would like to answer one hundred easy questions or one difficult question. Akbar and Birbal had a very long day, they were in a hurry to go home, so Birbal agreed on one difficult question. The scholar asked, “Who came first? Chicken or egg?” Birbal answered the question without giving any second thought, “The chicken”. The scholar was astonished to hear that, “How do you know?” “We agreed up on only one question, so no second question.” Birbal said. And Akbar and Birbal left the Court without looking back at him.