Amazing interiors of Boeing’s business jet – Business

BBJ Interior Concept.
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The BBJ3 has been developed from the 737-900ER airframe design, which is capable of delivering better performance in terms of extended range, higher speed, lower noise levels and lower emissions over previous models in the Boeing 737 range.

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Image: BBJ Interior Concept.

I am sure, this will be a theme for the ‘Aircraft Story’ – the new Apps based game on the iPhone, iPad 😀


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Android’s rise to the top [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

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Indians pay the highest for petrol, diesel! – Business

A worker (R) fills plastic containers with petrol at a pump in Kolkata.

Petrol in India is costlier than 98 countries while diesel is more expensive in India than 136 other countries.

Petrol costs less than a dollar in the OPEC region and USA, in Russia, Japan, China, it is priced between $1-2 dollars based on PPP calculation, according to a report in The Economic Times.

In September, state-owned oil companies hiked petrol prices by Rs 3.14 per litre, the third hike this year.

Petrol prices were freed from the government control in June last year.

Petrol: $3.95
Diesel: $2.46

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12 interesting FACTS you didn’t know about US military – News

The United States spends more on its military than rest of the top 15 nations with the highest military expenditure. The rest of the list includes China ($119 bn), UK ($59.6 bn), France ($59.3bn), Russia ($58.7bn), Japan ($54.5bn), Germany ($45.2bn), Saudi Arabia ($45.2bn), India ($41.3bn), Italy ($37bn), Brazil ($33.5bn), South Korea ($27.6bn), Australia ($24bn), Canada ($22.8bn) and Turkey ($17.5bn). The US spends $698 billion. (Figures courtesy Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

Infographic: Schools that Rule the Web.

Schools That Rule the Web
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